Pinterest Introduces Search Ads – Because 2 Billion Monthly Searches, That’s Why!

Hadn’t talked much about Pinterest for quite a while. The platform has been growing and gaining popularity, evolving from the social network of “pinners” to one that brands are eagerly eying to cash on. Wait, isn’t that the usual journey every social networking platform has taken?

With over 150 million people using Pinterest a month. People use it for anything, from merely pinning visuals to getting inspiration and what not. With the numbers available the platform will be introducing “Search Ads on Pinterest”. The move will enable people to search or advertise their products, ideas for inspiration to services. The platform plans at launching a full suite of services. This will include features like Keywords and Shopping Campaigns added with better targeting and reporting options. These features are essential to help brands and users to effectively plan and improvise their campaigns based on performance.

A few reasons below on why the Search Ads on Pinterest make sense:

Pinterest Search is Highly Commercial

There are over 2 billion monthly searches on Pinterest. Most of these searches are done by people who end up buying a product or service that they intend to buy.

Visual – That’s What Pinterest is About

There have been around 75 billion Pins that have been saved by its users across the web. We see the “Pin This” option on almost every ecommerce website. It serves a unique purpose; a visual reference for the users at one place letting them bookmark these when they are in the discovery mode.

Discover New Brands – The Pinterest Way

Around 97% of the top searches performed on Pinterest in 2016 were for non-branded terms. When that is happening, the platform automatically becomes a great place for newer brands or products to attract customers.

As many as 72% of Pinners say that Pinterest has introduced them to a new brand or service. Again, the numbers are favorable to newer brands.

Pinterest is Integral of the Users Buying Cycle

As per the platform’s own statement, the average user starts searching for products 3 months before actually making a purchase. While that might sound a bit slow, it presents an opportunity for businesses. Simply put, you have a better chance at showcasing your product in searches to these customers, while they are still in the discovery mode.

Do you use Pinterest for products or services? What factors do you take into account before making a purchase?


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