How to Setup Facebook Business Manager And Why

How to Setup Facebook Business Manager

Business Manager has simplified how agencies and brands manage access to their Facebook pages and Ad Accounts. It simplifies accessibility, managing access via a central dashboard while keeping ownership associated to the business alone. This is a significant improvement from how the Facebook pages were previously managed.

In this post we will be sharing with you a quick guide on how to setup your Facebook Business Manager. So let’s begin.

What Can You Do With The Facebook Business Manager

As mentioned earlier, the Business Manager on Facebook centralizes all access and management onto a single destination. Below is what you can do using it:

  1. Streamlined Management of Pages.
  2. Manage Access to pages to each employee.
  3. Manage Ad Accounts and accessibility via the business manager.
  4. Manage and Market your Apps.

Where To Start With the Business Manager.

To begin with, make sure you have a Facebook ID and the official email of the business you belong to. It is a fair practice to maintain a checklist before you begin. Some items included are:

  1. Maintain a list of Facebook pages, Ad Accounts and applications.
  2. List of email addresses of employees that you need to have added.
  3. The respective pages they need to have access to.

Once the above is sorted, you are geared up to sign up for the Business Manager.

Visit the Business Manager (link).

Scroll to the bottom and click the “Get Started” button.

Enter the login details (those that you use for your personal account and hit next).

From here on, the business manager setup is easy. Simply follow the steps. Just one tip, anyone signing up on behalf of the company should be the one managing the primary page and ad accounts. If you are that person, continue with the next steps.

How to Setup Facebook Business Manager

Information About Your Business

Next, you will be requested to provide some basic information. This will include questions like:

  1. How does your business use Facebook?
  2. The roles can be as an agency, advertiser or App developer.
  3. The number of people who will be working in the Business Manager.
  4. The number of pages, ad accounts and apps that you intent to manage via the Business Manager.

How to Setup Facebook Business Manager

Business Name and Page for the Business Manager

Here you will be asked to enter the name of your business, the primary page as shown in the screenshot. Enter the respective details and hit next.

How to Setup Facebook Business Manager

Setup Your Business Manager Profile

Enter the required information and move to next. This is the last step of how you go about setting your Facebook Business Manager.

How to Setup Facebook Business Manager_7

Why the Facebook Business Manager?

The business manager keeps your personal profile activity separate from the business manager. Which means that you don’t need to worry about selecting who to post as and where to.

It also addresses transparency, especially around advertising and reporting. If your current agency does not know about the business manager, please share this link with them.

Found this helpful? Please share it to help others as well. You may also want to learn on how to create website conversion pixels on Facebook to help your marketing strategy!

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