How To Publish Blog Post Using Word On WordPress

How to publish blog post using Word on WordPressI am aware of quite a few aspiring bloggers who are just a bit intimidated by the thought of writing blogs they have to use a CMS. We are all aware (specially those who blog often), what a CMS; it is an acronym for Content Management System, an example of which is WordPress. I say this for I was intimidated myself back when  I started blogging. But let’s keep that simple and share some tips on how to publish a blog post using Word 2013, I hope the tips below and the video will help.

First things first:

  1. You should have Word installed on your system.
  2. You should own a blog and know what its URL is.
  3. Remember your username and password, you will need it for authentication.
  4. Know how to use Word.

If you have all the above sorted, the following steps will help you out:

Step 1: Open Word

Open Word on your system and select “Blog” from the New Menu as shown below:

How to publish blog post using Word 2013

Step 2: How To Register The Blog

Once you have opted to create a Blog Post, you will see a popup screen shown below. Click on Register Now option. Remember this is the most important steps when its comes to this How To Post.

How to publish WordPress blog post using Word 2013

Step 3: Select Your Blog Platform

I assume you already know what your blog platform is. I am using WordPress as the platform for Blogdit. Settings and steps will vary based on the platform you use, but if you are using WordPress, select the same and hit Next:

How to publish blog post using Word 2013_4

Step 4: Enter The URL For Blog Post

In the dialogue box that opens, you will have to enter the URL of your blog in the area highlighted. The rest of the things will remain as it is:

http://<Enter your blog URL here>/xmlrpc.php

How to publish WordPress blog post using Word 2013Once done, enter the username and password for your blog.

Step 5: Write, Proofread and Publish

That’s it, you are now ready to publish the first blog using WordPress. Easy, wasn’t it?

How to publish blog post using Word 2013Here’s a quick video as well, hope to see one you writing a how to publish using WordPress or other platforms and sharing it with everyone. You might find my post on How to Select a Topic for Your Blog Post useful!

If you have any other tips that have helped you, please do share with us by dropping a tweet to smohkim or emailing at smohkim at gmail dot com.


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