How to Create Custom Audience on Facebook (And Why?)

Step by Step Guide to Create Custom Audience on FacebookAbility to create custom audience on Facebook. I think that’s one more point where Facebook continues to win marketers and brands. There is no reason why brands and marketers will continue to value Facebook more than their own websites. Let’s do a recap on stats:

  1. Average 968 million daily active users for June 2015
  2. Average 844 million mobile daily active users for June 2015
  3. A staggering 1.49 billion monthly active for June 2015
  4. Around 1.31 billion mobile monthly active users for June, 2015

The platform has evolved exponentially. From being a social network, to the very essential media with social responsibility. We all know that, so let’s move forward.

In my last post I shared a detailed guide on how to create website conversion pixel on Facebook. Today I will be sharing a simple guide to help users learn how to create custom audiences on Facebook. Again, it’s fairly simple, especially if you have already read my last post.

What are Custom Audiences?

Facebook has evolved for sure, it gives marketers a powerful platform to advertise and reach out to their audiences. The problem is that these audiences aren’t just their on Facebook, they exist in the form of:

  1. Lists
  2. Facebook IDs
  3. Mobile Phone Numbers
  4. Website visitors
  5. Newsletter subscribers, etc.

Facebook understands this, and since the platform is very considerate about generating ad revenue, it lets you reach out to everyone.

How Does Custom Audience Work?

As mentioned earlier, custom audience are users who are already your customers in some way. They might be your website visitors, subscribers to your newsletter, Facebook user IDs or a list of phone numbers that you have in your database. All you have to do is simply upload the lists or copy the pixel code to your website and you are ready.

Where Do You Begin From?

Fairly simple, follow steps below and you will be ready with creating the custom audience.

  1. Go to Ads Manager and Select Audiences from the Tools menu as shown:Step by Step Guide to Creat
  2. Step by Step Guide to CreatSelect how you would like to create custom audience. You can opt for any of the 3 main options based on your preference. I have opted to create custom audience pixel for my website.Step by Step Guide to Creat

How to Create Custom Audience on Facebook For Website

The pixel that is generated can be copied and placed between the head> </head> section of your website. This will help you track visitors on every page of your website. That’s about it, you are done setting up the custom audience.

The Custom Audience can be used to create ads for targeting specific audiences. Which means your marketing campaigns can be tailor made to suit preferences and behavior of the custom audience.

Some of they key things to remember when creating custom audience:

  1. It can take up to 36 hours for Custom Audiences to be in functional
  2. If your Custom Audience is less than 20 users, Facebook will deliver ads
  3. The numbers in Custom Audience is not 100% accurate
  4. You can track data for up to 180 Days for website

That’s about it. I will work on a video and probably share it in a day or two. If you want to learn more, you can visit Facebook Help.

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