Facebook Releases New Ad Tool: The Campaign Planner and Why It is Useful

In the most recent development, Facebook launched its Campaign Planner. The ad campaign planner is available for both Facebook pages and Instagram provided you have the Facebook Business Manager setup. In case you don’t know how to setup the Facebook Business Manager, you visit my earlier blog post.

In order to use the campaign planner, you will have to request Facebook by completing a form (link). Upon completion of the form, Facebook will direct you to the business manager’s landing page. Once there you can select a specific account (if you are an agency) and take things forward. The campaign planner packs in it some decent functions that advertisers on Facebook will find useful. A breakdown of a couple of things you can do via the Campaign Planner are:

Predict Reach and Frequency on Facebook Campaigns

You can setup the budget and the schedule for you ad campaign using the campaign planner. This will give you predictability in terms of the expected reach and frequency associated to each campaign for your brands. You can setup the frequency and impressions each day and monitor the predictions on the right side. This also lets you edit the duration of the campaign and the demographics for the ad set. This is exactly what you also see in the Ads Manager when making ads on the platforms.

Facebook Campaign Planner _ Reach and Frequency

The format is not at all intimidating and is pretty self explanatory. The dashboard showcases all the necessary information for the advertisers, from potential exposure to the cost per impression, etc. The single biggest advantage is perhaps ensuring a “unique reach” on both Facebook and Instagram, limiting the frequency. Advertisers can use this to their advantage and create campaigns that don’t waste impressions on people not interested. More on how to setup Reach and Frequency Ads on Facebook in a follow-up post.

Create, Compare Versions and Share

This particular feature is very handy. You can add up multiple ad sets/campaigns and compare each on the dashboard. This is helpful when you want to compare how different ad sets compare and which one is most effective.
Facebook Campaign Planner_Compare

You can also share the campaign with your coworkers, media planners and clients via email as a link or CSV. You can remove any information that you don’t want to share for example the budget, audience, CPM, etc.

Facebook Campaign Planner_share

If you guys like getting the latest news on social media development, please do let me know in comments. I will include latest news as part of the blog posts. Also, do you want a video or a step by step post on how to setup Reach and Frequency ads? Let me know in your comments.

PS: Here’s one for those who don’t have a Facebook Page

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