Devise, Derive and Deliver

Old problem, same solution, with a different approach. My exposure to the global industry via startups coverage, interviews and connections have made me a staunch believer of the New Media.
I personally believe in businesses, especially startups to focus less on overcoming competition, rather eliminate all competition with new Market Space. All competition is then irrelevant.
Experience to me means utilizing this belief, expertise and mixing it with industry knowledge to bring brands/businesses on board the New Media. This includes Research of the industry vertical, requirement gathering, Designing the Scope of Work, Project Management and communication between the Businesses and in house resources.
I write about Startups from Web to Mobile Apps, capitalizing on the interview skills learnt while working as an Associate Producer at Dawn News.
Specialties:Analytical reporting, business, proactive approach, effective communication, Blogging, social media management, business strategy, interviewing skills

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