7 Free Tools For Bloggers To Help With Images

Are you one of those bloggers who is always on the lookout to optimize how they blog? This may include the urge to find the right topics for your blogs, the tools to help optimize content for better page load times, finding the perfect image and search engine optimization, etc. This blog post will do exactly that and help bloggers achieve efficiency when it comes to images and photography on their blog posts.

Here’s a list of 7 free online tools that will help bloggers find ┬áthe right images,┬átaking screenshots and improving paqe load times by compressing images.

Tools to Help Find Free Quality Images for Blog Posts

Always the toughest item in my to do list before I start writing a post. While Google Images helps out big time, the problem is with the numerous options that you get against a keyword. Second and most important is finding if the image is free to use or you do need to provide attribution. To help with that, try exploring Unsplash and Foter.

Unsplash provides you over 50,000+ images that are absolutely free for you to use, modify without the need to worry about copyrights. All the images available are hi-resolution and you can modify or use these commercially as well.

Image Finding Tools Unsplash

While Unsplash would give you all the right options, in case you find it not having enough, try exploring Foter. Foter has a far larger repository of over 335 Million+ free to use images. You can search for an image based on permissions (commercial, non-commercial), have various dimensions and download as it fits your need. It also provides you with an attribution code that you can simply copy and paste beneath each post (just like I have done below).

Image Finding Tools Foter technology

Photo credit: tec_estromberg

Improve Page Load Speed With These Image Compressing

No blog is a good blog that takes ages to load, irrespective what the reason. A clever blogger will optimize the page load times in every possible way, be it improving the codes, plugins, etc. all the way to optimizing images. One of the tools to help you compress the image size is Compressor. The tool helps you reduce the image size up to 90% and doesn’t compromise the quality of the image. If you are looking to considerably reduce the image file size and don’t mind compromising on the quality, you can opt for the “Lossy” option as well.

Image Compressing Tools for bloggers Compressor io

If that doesn’t sound helpful, try Tiny PNG. The tool lets you bulk upload image files (Max 20 of 5 MB size each) and directly downloads the files to your device or your Dropbox Account. The quality, however will not be as crisp as the original image.

Image Compressing Tools for bloggers Tiny PNG

Quick and Easy Screenshots Tools

Every blogger has to take a screenshot. Be it of sections of a Startup or an application, the need is always there to save those pages, edit them and access these anywhere. To begin with, there is a whole list of tools out there that you can use, I am listing down what I have been using more often and are free!

To start off, “Save to Google Drive” is perhaps the most effective one. It is a simple Chrome extension that lets you capture a screenshot of the entire page and save it in numerous formats. Be it saving a page as an image (.png), a webpage (.html) or a Google Document (did you chance upon reading our post on the evolution of Google Docs). It’s free, provides each of accessibility since all these captures are saved to your Google Drive (you can change preferred saving location).

Screenshot tools for bloggers Save To Google

Number 2 on this list is FireShot. This was the very first screenshot tool I recall using when I started blogging for Startup Meme in 2008. The tool lets you take screenshots, annotate these with text, lines, blur effects, etc. and then share online, email or print with a single click. Fairly simple to use and extremely effective. There is also a “desktop version” available for download as well that adds more usability to the tool.

Screenshot tools for bloggers Fireshot

Number 3 on the list is Awesome Screenshot. The tool lets you do the obvious; take a screenshot of the whole web page or a section, add annotations, blur sensitive information and share the same with ease. Here’s a video below for a quick overview.

Did you find the article to be helpful? Share you comments below and we will return with more lists on how you can blog efficiently.

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