5 Free Android Apps That Will Burn iPhone Fanboys

The idea of switching from being an Android user to become an iPhone user has been troublesome for me. Same applied back in 2010, when I got my first Android phone to the present, where I have been thinking of moving to an iPhone. The idea of letting go of all the freedom the Android platform offers confuses me.

To justify my stance on continuing to use an Android Phone, I have put a brief list of Free Android Apps that will burn iPhone Fanboys. This list of free Android Apps is not based on specific categories like Productivity Apps, Photo Editing Apps, etc. So let’s begin:

ADV Screen Recorder

First up, you don’t have to root your Android Device to make it work. Secondly, it lets you do what its developed for; record your phone’s screen. Now that’s something iPhone users can’t do, especially for free. You can record everything on your screen and this comes pretty handy, like making a walk through or tutorial of an app or how your website functions on a mobile device. Below is short video I made using ADV Screen Recorder.

To download the app click here

Audify: Android App That Reads Notifications On Your Device

audify notification app for androidSelf explanatory I believe. The Audify app reads any notification on your Android phone via the device speaker or the connected headset. It comes handy, specially when you are driving and checking your phone at every notification tone can be dangerous. The app is free with its basic feature and you can purchase a more beefed up version for added functionality. But who really needs to purchase when you can make do with a freemium version?

To download the app click here

Message Without Stopping What You Are Doing With HoverChat

HoverChat Android AppBeing interrupted while playing my favorite game with a message that needs to be responded is very irritating. You have to exit the game to respond, stop the movie, etc. to keep the conversation going. Not when you have HoverChat. I recently installed the app and it has helped calm my nerves down. I can modify transparency of the widget, resize as per my requirements and continue messaging without the need to stop doing what I am already. There are a whole lot of apps in the category, which one are you using?

To download the app click here

Create Your Own Custom Widgets on Android With UCCW

Customization is what Android is all about. The platform makes you feel empowered and actually the true feeling of owning a device (unlike the iPhone). UCCW takes this to another level, by giving you the ability customize widgets on your Android Device. Modify the look and feel of the widget then select what is that widget for. From having your Gmail, to Text Messaging, Clock, etc.

Are you using similar apps? Please do share the names in comments.

You can download the App here.

Manage All Your Cloud Storage In One Place With Unclouded

unclouded cloud storage management appI have signed up on numerous Cloud Storage services. Some of these include DropBox, One Drive, Box and Google Drive, just to name a few and it is a nuisance managing these. Unclouded solves that problem by bringing all these cloud storage service in one central dashboard giving you the ease of managing these from one place. It’s pretty handy, is free and lets you efficiently manage your cloud storage.

Some of these features include:

  • Check what files or folders are consuming most of the storage space
  • Identify what categories you have the most; like Photos, Videos, documents, etc.
  • Track changes on when the files have been moved
  • Find duplicates

Are you using a similar app? Which one is it?

If you aren’t using one, why not download Unclouded, it’s free.

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