4 Key Facebook Features Your Business Needs To Know In 2017

Things have been evolving on Digital rapidly. Be it the days of mere existing on key social platforms, like Facebook, etc. since everyone is to brands talking about the answer to the question; “what are we getting out of it?”

Brands and more importantly marketers need to first understand how they can leverage each social media platform. Let’s talk about the biggest (and most popular) one; Facebook. The question around Facebook is “what strategy actually works best?” I won’t say that there is a sure shot formula or a definite answer, but that it is one that continually evolves. Let’s accept the fact that on social, we are dealing with “people”, they have moods, personalities and their behavior changes based on their day to day experiences. It is imperative that brands, marketers continuously monitor how the consumers interact with their communication and improvise accordingly.

While elaborating on the above will need a series of articles, let’s begin with the basics. How about we begin with the 4 most common features that every marketer and brands need to consider.

Posting Best Practices for 2017

Most of us are already aware of these so let’s get straight to the point:

1. Brevity is your friend

If Facebook gives you ample limit to narrate a story, doesn’t mean you plug in all details in the status, image or a video. The audience on the platform has a very limited attention span and they value their time highly. Try and be as concise as possible and deliver your core message as quickly as possible. That doesn’t mean you should not be interesting.

Some studies suggest that posts with 50 characters or less received higher engagement.

2. Understand The Newsfeed

Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm evolves and changes far more rapidly than anything else. You need to know how it behaves and the impact it can have on the interactions. First up, let us accept that reaching 1 Million people is pointless if your engagement is a merely 0.1%. What matters most is how many of the people actually engage. Would you rather reach 100,000 people and have a 10% engagement or the previous? The decision will matter based on your posts (or campaign’s) objective; but let’s be honest, you need to have people interact.

Most marketers prefer posting only in the “Peak hours”. The reason being, they most “people” are active at those time. Great. There’s a catch; it’s not just your brand who is keeping an eye on this and trying to leverage the “peak hours”. Meaning that the fight for visibility, retention and eventually getting the audience to engage is a massive challenge. So here’s a tip, marketers should experiment with off-peak hours, the reach might be comparatively lesser, but you may get better engagement. Remember, this needs to be experimented and closely monitored.

3. Use Videos

Needs’ elaboration? Well not really, but let me just write a few lines here to improve my SEO. Videos, as predicted by Mark Zuckerberg will be the most prominent aspect of Facebook in 2017.

We have already seen text-based posts getting no traction, so do mere images with captions. Videos are what brands or any marketer need to focus on in 2017. Another prediction is about videos contributing to a 74% share of all traffic on social platforms. With so many numbers in favor of videos, it will be surprising why you aren’t already making this a part of your content mix.

Facebook Videos Stats

4. The Facebook Live Wave

It’s on the rise. Recently Facebook introduced an in-app camera within the Facebook Messenger that replicates Snapchat like selfies. That’s just one aspect, the giant is already keen on going with the “camera will be the main way to share” approach.

Coming back, the Facebook Live feature has gone big. The social platform now allows you to broadcast live from your desktop as well, enabling the desktop/laptop audience to leverage the feature as well. Videos and the various formats are just one part of the equation. The other side of this equation are the metrics. They are important as these metrics help determine the performance or the impact the impact of your videos. We will come to some key metrics and their impact.

The other major element is adding “Live Contributors”. This was initially limited to the page admins only. You can assign this role by adding a new Live Contributor via the “New Page Role section” in settings/Page Roles.

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