4 Instagram Updates and How They Are Useful For Marketers

We all use Instagram and most of us have been using it from its early days. From being a photo sharing app for the iOS platform that had cool filters, to introducing collages and videos and expanding to the Web and Android. Instagram kept evolving and from being a platform for travelers, photography enthusiasts, it has become a platform of choice for major brands and marketers. Of course, acquisition by Facebook had its role but that’s not about it. The use of the platform has expanded and is being effectively utilize its niche audience that’s over 400 Million.

When we talk about evolution, there have been updates and changes to the photo and video sharing platform recently. Thought it would be a good idea to list these down so folks like me are aware of the recent changes. One of the most prominent one is the change in logo, I personally dislike the new one. So without any further buildup, let’s list the updates and how these changes in Instagram can help digital marketers.

No More 15 Second Instagram Videos

This isn’t new exactly. Instagram rolled out the update back in April, increasing the video duration from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. While 15 second videos proved to be a challenge and fun for the content teams, this increase will help getting a more elaborate message out to the audience. I am talking about 60 second Instasodes (Instagram + Episodes = Instasodes)!

60 Second Videos on Instagram

Video Views and Viewers Now Available

One of the problems I had with Instagram videos was the inability to check video views and viewers (especially). As a marketer/blogger it is absolutely important for me to know who views my content so I may engage with them. Just hit the view counts shown below the video and you will be able to see the number of viewers and those have liked your videos.

The metrics are essential as like on Facebook or any other social platform you can develop a correlation between video views and likes. This helps you analyze how well was your content received and how you can improve it further.

Instagram video views

View The Call To Action on Photo Ads

Pretty obvious for anyone using Instagram. When you see a photo ad on Instagram, you can tap on the photo and it will show you the call to action. This is very useful as you can use this to direct to your website or the link to download an application.

An interesting thing to note is that this is only available for static image ads and not on videos. I am sure you are aware that performing tap or double on Instagram would enable the sound or like the video, in that order. But call to actions are very beneficial provided the image delivers the message.

Call to Action on Instagram Ads

The News Feed: Instagram Updates its Algorithm

This us perhaps the most important update and one that many must have ignored. If you remember, your Instagram news feed was based on the “latest posts first” aka the chronological order. Made perfect sense till the time Instagram was just another social photo and video sharing platform. But as the platform has evolved into a haven for marketers and brands, the idea to make Instagram more marketer friendly makes sense.

The update is fairly simple to understand if you know how Facebook has evolved. What happens now is your newsfeed will give prominence to content that you engage with more often. For example, if you have engaged with my post that has a few likes and comments compared to Nike’s that has a thousand likes but you haven’t liked it. Reminds me of the recency factor on Facebook, where you are most likely to see posts from pages/brands that you have recently engaged with.

Were you aware of these changes on Instagram? Are you utilizing all the offerings that Instagram has for your brand? Share your views in the comments.

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